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It's 12.7mm thick, which is far chunkier than the skinny iPhone 5S, but Apple's device won't come off nearly as well if it gets accidentally hurled to the floor. The 4.7-inch display has a 720p resolution, which isn't brilliant, but it seemed reasonably crisp in my hands-on time. Android KitKat is on board. There's an 8-megapixel camera on the back, surrounded, of course, by a burly-looking screw head. The buttons on the edge are all rubberised to help keep the water out and seemed easy enough to press -- although how easy they are to find when you have gloves on may be another matter entirely.

The major ports are covered by flaps to remain watertight, The corners of the phone are rubberised to help protect it when it inevitably falls to the ground, Exposed screw heads are something of a style faux pas on most phones, but on a rugged CAT, it looks good, There's a speaker tucked into the back, You may remember the CAT name from the sides of massive excavators and mining machines, The headphone jack has been covered by a port too, which will likely be annoying if you regularly swap your headphones in and out, Recent waterproof iphone screen protectors bulk phones such as the Sony Xperia Z2 have made use of waterproof jacks that don't need covering, so it's a shame to not see that here..

It's due to go on sale later this year for $499 in the US and €499 in Europe. That's about £300 or AU$700, based on a direct conversion, although CAT wasn't specific about exactly which regions the phone will be available in. With its metal edges, exposed screw head and rubber back panel (which looks like the tyre tracks from a mining truck), there's absolutely no escaping this phone's rugged skills. Pretty it isn't, but if you're into macho, industrial looks then you'll no doubt take manly satisfaction in the CAT S50. Its hardened looks aren't for show -- it's waterproof to 1 metre, dustproof, and can be dropped 1.2 metres onto concrete numerous times without breaking.

If the most extreme part of your day is running to catch the bus then you likely don't need this kind of durability in a phone, But if you spend your free time cycling down steep hills or hurling yourself down river rapids, the CAT S50 will be a better iphone screen protectors bulk option than an iPhone, It's much chunkier, sure, but that could be a wise compromise if it won't shatter into a million pieces when it accidentally falls off your handlebars as you hurtle down a mountain, To keep the water out, all the main ports have rubberised flaps covering them, That includes the 3.5mm headphone jack, which will become annoying if you regularly pop headphones in and out, The Sony Xperia Z2 is also waterproof, but somehow has been able to leave its headphone jack free of covers and still keep the water out, I'd have like to see CAT use similar technology..

The display is 4.7 inches in size and has a 720p resolution. It seemed fairly crisp in my hands-on time and fairly bright too. How it fares under bright sunlight on a mountaintop remains to be seen. Hardened construction aside, the CAT S50 is pretty similar to any other Android phone around. It runs Android KitKat and CAT has done very little to the interface, so existing 'droiders will feel right at home. CAT has loaded it with a few bits of software such as AVG security and the SwiftKey keyboard.

You'll also find CAT's own app service, which points you towards a selection of apps it thinks are most relevant to owners of the S50 -- expect to iphone screen protectors bulk see activity trackers, running apps and mapping services to help plan and then record your extreme adventures, An 8-megapixel camera peers out of the back, surrounded by an aggressive-looking screw head, I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but so long as it's capable of snapping a good shot from a lofty peak, or recording full HD footage of a base jump, I'll be satisfied..

The phone has 4G LTE for nippy data downloads, and it's powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, which seemed capable of delivering a reasonably swift experience. It has wireless charging built in too, using the popular Qi standard, so it'll work with a wide range of wireless charging pads. With its chunky, rubberised design, the CAT S50 definitely won't turn heads in fancy cocktail bars. If you'd rather impress on the mountain than in the club, however, the S50's ruggedised, waterproof design is far more likely to put up with your active lifestyle than slim devices like the iPhone 5S.

The first great smartphone of 2015, Beautiful and bold..with iphone screen protectors bulk complications, The new no-compromise MacBook, A stellar on-ear headphone, Crave-worthy curves for a premium price, CAT's new S50 is a 4.7-inch Android phone that's waterproof, shockproof and dustproof, making it ready for a life at the mercy of extreme sports fans, Flagship phones like the iPhone 5S and Sony Xperia Z2 may come with stunning, sleek designs, but hurl them down a mountainside and those pretty bodies will be smashed to smithereens..

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