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Samsung Electronics Americas Senior Vice President Michael Abary said that having the e-magazine ecosystem on the Galaxy Tab S "is about to take the digital magazine to the next level." The Korean electronics giant made the announcement at an event in New York at the Madison Square Garden theater. Abary was joined by Tom Wallace, the editorial director of Conde Nast; Adam Sutherland, National Geographic's senior vice president of global strategy and business development; and Joe Quesada, Marvel Entertainment's chief creative officer.

Sutherland noted that National Geographic's photos will be well displayed on Samsung's Galaxy Tab S, And Wallace confirmed that Conde Nast will be bringing many of its "iconic brands" to the tablet, including Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Golf Digest, and GQ, "With the Tab S, the look of our digital content is given a quality boost plus an interactive tablet experience you can take iphone x screen protector plastic anywhere," Wallace said, Samsung also announced that it's partnering with other content providers, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Economist, and more..

Papergarden is different than the already-existing MyMagazine feature, which is a newsfeed powered by Flipbook on some smartphones and tablets. Samsung's main announcement of the evening was the unveiling of two new tablets in its Galaxy Tab S line -- one with an 8.4-inch display, and the other with a 10.5-inch screen. With these tablets, Samsung touted increased display, design, connectivity, and security. Check out CNET's First Take of the new Galaxy Tab S tablets. To highlight enhanced graphics on its Galaxy Tab S, the Korean electronics giant partners with content providers on a digital magazine feature called Papergarden.

During my first few days while reviewing the phone, the new button location didn't feel like much of a game-changer, At times, iphone x screen protector plastic it even seemed like a slight inconvenience, since I would naturally hit the top or side edges of the device for the power button, Sure, the move was unique, but initially it seemed like a misguided design flop destined to disappear like the Motorola Atrix 4G's rear key did, Cynics might be tempted to think that LG wanted to be different for the sake of being different, and that moving the control keys was simply a gimmick, This was partly confirmed when head of LG's mobile platform planning Ramchan Woo told CNET back in March that the design initially caught his eye mostly because it was unique compared to the rest of the prototypes they considered..

However, Woo noted that there was also a real function to its form. And as I spent more time with the phone, as well as other LG devices with the same concept (more on them later), I began to notice more benefits. Adjusting the volume level during a call, for example, wouldn't require feeling around the G2's edges for the volume rocker. Instead, I can simply slide my finger to the center of its backside and change the volume without taking the device away from your face. Furthermore, my initial apprehensions about the number of times I would mistakenly smear the camera lens proved to be few and far between.

By moving the buttons off the handset's edges, Woo added, it enabled LG to design phones with ultrathin bezels, The G2's bezel, for example, measures just 2.65 iphone x screen protector plastic mm, and the G3's is even smaller at 1.15mm, And when it comes to screen real estate, smartphone users know that bigger is indeed better, LG also provided the buttons with secondary uses, You can long-press the volume-down button to launch the camera and the up button to open LG's note-taking app, QuickMemo, When the camera is open, you can long-press the keys to start continuous shooting..

To prevent people from having to flip their G2s over every time they wanted to wake up their devices, LG developed KnockOn as well. With a quick double-tap of the screen, users can access the lockscreen. It was a simple solution to the most glaring problem that would have plagued the handset's design. But to fully endorse the concept of these rear buttons on the G2, LG had to keep the ball rolling. It'd need to redouble its efforts to further the buttons' functionality and expand KnockCode's usability.

Enter the G Flex and G Pro 2 -- top-tier devices that sported the same rear buttons as the G2, Both handsets introduced two essential features that signal to users of LG's evolving and experimental use of these rear buttons, On the G Flex, LG attached a small LED indicator to the center power key, Taking advantage iphone x screen protector plastic of the selfie trend taking over smartphone photography, the light works in conjunction with the device's 13-megapixel camera, When it senses a face somewhere in the frame, the light will glow yellow, When a face is locked in and focused, it will turn green, giving users the go-ahead to snap a clear portrait..

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