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iphone x screen protectors amazon, need some protection for your new iphone Here are bunch of top cases to check out.

You should also install any app updates that are available before updating to iOS 8 to ensure that your apps will work properly after the move. Although you are unlikely to run into any major problems when updating, it's always a good idea to have a backup of your device. You know what they say, it's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. There are two methods for backing up your device. The first is with iTunes, which will store a backup file on your computer. For this method, you should have the latest version of iTunes installed. Start by connecting your iPhone or iPad to the computer with the USB cable. Then, select your device and click on the Summary tab in the top menu. Make sure that your computer is selected, and then click on the "Back Up Now" button on the right-hand side. If you rather back up your data to Apple's cloud service, select the iCloud option located above the computer option.

Data can also be backed up directly from your device to iCloud, Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled, then enter Settings, select iCloud, and click on Storage & Backup, From here you can choose which files and settings you would like to store on the cloud, Once you have made your selections, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Back Up Now" option, As we have seen in the past, sometimes these big updates can cause problems for older devices, Owners of the iPhone 4 complained of poor battery life and performance issues after updating to iOS 7, We iphone x screen protectors amazon all like new things, but it may actually be better to hold off on updating for a week or two if you own an iPhone 4S or an iPad 2, This should help you avoid some of the problems that can arise when updating your device..

The latest version of Apple's mobile operating system is now available. Here's what you need to know before downloading it . Apple announced the eighth major release of its iOS mobile operating system at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June. The latest version of iOS include improvements to the Siri voice assistant, a new health and wellness app, and revamped notifications, among other things. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Before you start using third-party apps, you'll need to do an initial setup with your Chromecast, This can be done with your Web browser, or with the Chromecast app, For more information on the setup process, check out this guide from CNET's Donald Bell, This is the official Google app for Chromecast, Originally it was used only for setting up the Wi-Fi connection and naming your device, With a recent update, many Chromecast users can mirror their device's screen onto the TV, eliminating the need for a iphone x screen protectors amazon third-party app, There aren't any other bells and whistles, however, and this feature is not available on all devices..

Cost: Free to try; Premium version to play full videos: $4.99 or £3. If the official app is not working for videos, then it's time to try a third-party alternative. AllCast is one of the first Chromecast apps to hit Google Play, and is being actively updated. Aside from sharing local content, this app will let you connect your Dropbox, Google Drive, and even Google+ accounts. Before you buy, you can try the free version (5 minute viewing limit) to make sure it works on your particular device. Cost: Free; In-app upgrade to remove ads: $3.72 (not available in UK).

If you still need access to more cloud services, then CloudCaster is your best bet for Chromecast apps, You can connect to services such as Bitcasa, iphone x screen protectors amazon Box, CloudMe, Copy, Cubby, Dropbox, Dump Truck, OneDrive, Sugarsync, and many others, Additionally, the app allows you to rotate video when it is not playing in the correct orientation -- a feature many users requested, It's important to keep in mind that the Chromecast device only supports a specific list of file formats at this time, None of these apps will be able to transcode an unsupported format and play it on the Chromecast, And finally, make sure your Chromecast is connected to a stable wireless signal maintain the highest quality of streaming..

Whether you already have a Chromecast, or you're just curious what you could do with one, these apps will help you unlock the potential of the tiny plug-in device. Whether you're watching a movie or looking through pictures, if the option to do so on a bigger screen is available, you'll probably use it. Google Chromecast offers a quick way to get content from your small screen to your big screen, and all you need is an app on your Android device to make that happen. Here's a collection of Chromecast apps that will share content on your device with a TV.

Qualcomm is struggling iphone x screen protectors amazon through rough waters in China, but the chipmaker still sees enormous potential there, Amon, who helps lead the company's mobile and computing chips sales, also said Qualcomm is working to grow its wireless chips business in automotive and wearable devices, looking to leverage its lead in 4G technology to push into new markets, "We're very, very excited about the traction in China," Amon said, later adding, "We expect that as the market in China becomes more sophisticated ., we're actually going to be better positioned over time."Amon spoke specifically about Qualcomm's chips business, one of the company's two major segments, Its other is licensing, which brings in less revenue than chip sales but makes up most of Qualcomm's operating profits..

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