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What would you like a smartphone to be able to do in the future? Tell us what you think in the reader comments below. Think handsets have hit an innovative plateau? With a little imagination (and some wishful thinking), CNET explores what smartphones might look like in the not-so-distant future. There's no doubt that the smartphone has made amazing strides since its humble beginnings. But lately I've heard a lot of people talk about how these days devices can have no room for real improvement. Every time a new flagship phone is due for release, manufacturers seem to just throw in incremental updates here and there, just as Apple did with its iPhone 5S , Samsung with its Galaxy GS5 , and HTC with its One M8 . So is it true that we're past the moment of another sea change in devices?.

What happened of course is that Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3 , a full-fledged 12-inch laptop that can function as a tablet, "The Mini would have been a tablet-only device and they're clearly positioning Surface more and more as a PC," said Bob O'Donnell, chief analyst at Technalysis Research, The likelihood that the Mini would have run the unpopular Windows RT operating system didn't help its cause, "The Mini was rumored to be Qualcomm-based which would have been Windows RT, And I think they're rethinking Windows RT, So, it's a combination of: Windows RT j hope iphone case just confuses the market and they're trying to move Surface to a computing experience as opposed to a tablet experience," O'Donnell added..

Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella and Executive Vice President Stephen Elop weren't keen on the Mini either, according to Bloomberg. They "decided that the product in development wasn't different enough from rivals and probably wouldn't be a hit," Bloomberg said, citing a person knowledgeable of the decision. Bloomberg added that engineers had been working on the device and had planned to release it. O'Donnell said it wasn't a good fit for Microsoft's emphasis on business. "They focused a lot on business [on Tuesday]. And PCs are what business people are still using," he said.

"[The Surface Pro 3] j hope iphone case is the best hardware I've seen for a 2-in-1 [laptop-tablet hybrid], It's clearly designed to be used the vast majority of time in PC mode," which is what business people need, he added, Update: A new take on the conspicuous absence of the Mini on Tuesday is that Microsoft postponed rather than killed it, One theory is that Microsoft needs Office Gemini, the touch-friendly version of Office apps before it can launch a smaller tablet, The rumored Surface Mini didn't see the light of day, But Microsoft has good reason not to release it..

Panos Panay, Microsoft VP and very much the public face of Surface, took to the stage to remind us that the new Surface is thinner, lighter, (arguably) better looking, and more convenient than any tablet and laptop combination you can buy. To prove that point, he briefly resorted to props, pulling out a balance scale, slapping a MacBook Air on one side and, on the other, a shiny new Surface Pro 3. The Surface, at 800 grams, was naturally lighter -- even with a Type Cover. He showed how the stylus made for a natural user experience, how the reprofiled display and thinner device meant something more comfortable to hold, and how the additional performance meant you can do just about anything you can do on your desktop.

So, then, is it time for everyone to give up their laptops? According to Panay it is, but then so too was it time to give up those devices when the Surface Pro 2 launched last fall..and when we first saw the original Surface before that, You could call this consistency in messaging -- or you could call it doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result, Was the kickstand in the first Surface not flexible enough for you? The Surface Pro 2 gave you j hope iphone case more positions, Now the Pro 3 lets you position the thing at any angle you like, The Type Cover was considerably improved in the Pro 2, but now the new one is even better, with a larger trackpad and more rigid surface, Many said performance wasn't enough in the original Pro, so the Pro 2 got a 1.9GHz Core i5 chip, Now with the Pro 3, you can step all the way up to Core i7 if you like..

Gradual improvements; steady refinement; careful honing and optimization. Hallmarks of good design, and few would deny the Surface is indeed a very well-designed piece of kit. The problem is, even if nothing was outright broken in the first generation, those who decided to buy something other than a Surface didn't do so because of minor complaints. Nobody turned away after deciding the kickstand wasn't quite flexible enough. Nobody said they needed another 10 percent or 20 percent performance before they would pull the trigger, or said, "You know, I really love this, but it needs to be four millimeters thinner." Those who went with something else had bigger concerns.

Like the software, Windows 8 launched with far from universal acclaim, a divided experience and bisected application platform that pushed many longtime Microsoft users away, With Windows 8.1, the experience got nicer, and with the recent 8.1 Update it's better yet, But still, for many, the bad taste of that first version of Windows 8 still lingers, We've seen gradual refinement driven by user feedback, Credit Microsoft for listening and reacting quickly, but such incremental improvements make it awfully hard to sell to a population j hope iphone case that wasn't in love with the first iteration, especially given that many of those tuned out because the second go-round didn't rock their worlds either, The hardware is better than ever and the software nearly there, but is anyone still paying attention? Could the third time be the time for Microsoft?..

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