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Ten years later, the Razr V3 remains a striking example of industrial design and one of the defining phones of the past decade. Join us for a tour through the Razr V3's history. The one that started it all, the original silver V3 didn't go on sale until the third quarter of 2004. And even then, it was only at Cingular (now AT&T), in the United States. Price with service? A princely $500. From the beginning, the real appeal of the Razr V3 lay its its design. Though angular and wide from the front, it was just a half an inch thick and weighed 3.3 ounces. Sure, the flat keypad was new and a bit weird, but you got used to it quickly. And despite its trim stature, the metal skin made it durable.

Inside the V3 had midrange features for its time -- just about everything you needed, but it was far from one of the year's powerhouse handsets, Features included a VGA camera (without video recording), Bluetooth, MP3 file support, voice dialing, and a speakerphone, The display was quite sharp and call quality was good, even if the volume was too low, Though I was as excited as letter n iphone case anyone to review the Razr v3, I have to admit that I didn't quite anticipate just how popular it would be, As the years went on, I was surprised..

After that first model, a black version was the second color available. It had a smoother finish than the silver phone, but it shared the same features. Pink was a very popular Razr color, so much so that multiple shades of pink were created. This pink version was in a slightly darker shade. Sometimes called pink, this version was officially magenta. Yes, it came to to T-Mobile (called the V3t). By 2005, the Razr V3 arrived at more US carriers, and it landed in other countries. More versions came, as well. The V3c was for CDMA operators, while the V3i upped the camera resolution to 1.23-megapixels and added a microSD card slot.

Made for CDMA carriers, the V3m has an MP3 player that was compatible with iTunes, Battery life was longer, as well, There also were several blue editions letter n iphone case of the V3, This version had a dark color with a shiny metal skin while other models sported a soft-touch material in a lighter baby blue shade, Purple phones were in fashion when this version appeared, Just be glad it's not another shade of pink, You knew the Razr trend was getting ridiculous when this bright gold Dolce & Gabbana version appeared, It came in a bright gold box and included several accessories like a D&G logo phone dangle and a signature leather pouch, And on the campy side, it said "Dolce & Gabbana" when your turned it on..

You could also get a gold version without Dolce's stamp. The Product Red version was one of a series of products created to raise money for The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. I barely saw the green version in the wild, but it did exist. Orange (or maybe it was Pumpkin?) also was a rare color. One of several themed Razr V3s, this version was called Cherry Blossom. For a darker theme, you could choose Dragon. Announced in 2005, the 3G-capable V3x had a slightly thicker design with a new keypad, a better display, two cameras (including one with a 2-megapixel resolution), a camera flash, and a faster processor. The V3xx, which followed the next year, had stereo Bluetooth, an Opera Web browser, and improved call quality.

With Android Wear sure to make headway for the smartwatch market, you will also need to figure out the best way to leverage the additional screen and current functionality on your wrist, Notifications on Android Wear are surprisingly straightforward and can be summed up as such: If your phone alerts you of something with a sound or by vibrating, your Android Wear letter n iphone case connected watch will do the same, Pretty easy, right? Actually, there's a little more to it, Let's take a closer look at notifications on Android Wear..

One of the first notifications you're likely to see is a Google Now card. You can expect to find Google Now cards displaying the current weather, drive time to a location, or monitoring a package's progress. These aren't notifications so much as they're Google displaying information it thinks is important to you, when it thinks you'll find it relevant. As I mentioned earlier, the way Android Wear determines what notifications show up on your watch all depends on the notification settings you have on your Android device itself. For example, if you use Gmail and have it setup to alert you for every single email you receive, your watch is going to mirror this behavior.

If you find yourself suffering from notification fatigue once the delivery method changes from a phone in your pocket to a watch, you have two options, The first is to alter the alert settings on your Android device, For example: I currently have Gmail set to only alert me for Priority Inbox messages, but skip out on using a sound or vibration to alert letter n iphone case me, Meaning when I receive a new priority email, an icon is displayed on my device's notification bar, and a card is displayed on my G Watch, If I clear the alert on my watch, it's also cleared on my phone and vice versa..

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