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The idea of loop counts is for users to be able to see how many times their 6-second videos have been viewed. The loop counts are tallied from people watching the video on Vine and from embeds across the Web. "There's now a new way for you to quickly get a sense of how popular and interesting a Vine may be -- based on how many times people watch a Vine loop," Vine API lead Mike Kaplinskiy wrote in a blog post. "The number, which you can see in our mobile apps and on vine.co, updates in real time, so as you watch a video, you'll know you're watching with others at the same time."Vine is the video app from Twitter that lets people share pieced-together mini mobile flicks that are just 6 seconds in length and play on repeat. The app is especially popular with YouTube stars and comedians, and has a fan base of 40 million registered users.

Since it debuted in 2013, Vine has quickly changed from a quirky video app into a video social network, In April, the company introduced a messaging component to give people a way to exchange private video or text messages, The loop counts are available for iOS and Android; it's unclear if and when they'll come to Windows Phone, Users of the 6-second looping video app can now see how many times their video has been m lock iphone case repeated across the web, Just as Facebook has likes, Twitter has retweets, and Pinterest has pins, Vine is also upping the possibility for user popularity contests, In addition to already having likes, the video app announced another activity feature on Tuesday called loop counts..

For myself, I cannot conceive of a need. For Steve Wozniak, however, he can see the need, but cannot necessarily see the product. Despite being Apple's co-founder, Woz is known to embrace many Android devices. However, he is not moved by Samsung's Galaxy Gear, save to throw it away. As XConomy reports, Woz spoke at the Flying Car innovation conference in Milwaukee last week and had definitive words to offer. He explained that he'd tried Samsung's Galaxy Gear and found it depressingly inadequate. He said: "That was the only technology I bought to experiment with that I threw out after half a day, sold it on eBay because it was so worthless and did so little that was convenient."Convenience and watches haven't really been bedfellows since smartphones came along and gave us the time on their screens.

Woz, however, wants something with a big screen that gives him everything on his wrist, He complained of the Galaxy Gear: m lock iphone case "You had to hold it up to your ear and stuff."One of the reasons Samsung has released its Gear is surely an attempt to somehow "get ahead" of competitors such as Apple, But has anyone really felt that desperate clamoring to have their wrist be their digital hub, any more than they've wanted their cell phones perched on their noses?, Woz said of Google Glass: "It may not be that useful, just like smartwatches may not be useful enough to get the critical mass they need to really go ahead, But everything I've done with Google Glass, I actually kind of liked playing with it."Sometimes, with gadgets, it's all down to the entertainment factor, But that doesn't last, Fitness bands require constant involvement from the user, Many cast them aside after a very short time..

Woz said he was hopeful that Apple would find the brilliant spark to the wrist. "When one company does one thing very strikingly different, and everybody says this company got it right, this is the way of the future. In the past, it's been Apple a number of times -- not always. So I'm really hoping that Apple's the big breakthrough," he said. Of course, if Apple does release a wrist wearable, it might not be a watch at all. The Apple co-founder, who often embraces many platforms, says he threw his Samsung smartwatch out after half a day.

To shoot the below video of this real-life torture test, I connected the Pump to my Moto X and made a call to a voice-recording service while shooting a video of me sliding down the falls with the phone, The resulting footage features the actual headset audio from the Pump's microphones as it (and I) get m lock iphone case a little soaked, As you can hear, not only does the Pump have decent range for a wireless sports headset, it also barely misses a beat after getting submerged, The water runs out of my ear, and the sound quickly normalizes to the same quality level as we heard when it was dry..

I was also able to hear audio through the headset before it had even fully dried out. All in all, the Pump does seem to be as waterproof as advertised. Check out the full CNET review of the Pump and watch the whole waterfall test below. Crave's Eric Mack took the BlueAnt Pump, a waterproof Bluetooth sports headset, for a spin down a waterfall to test its bona fides. Watch the test for yourself. The BlueAnt Pump is a rugged set of Bluetooth headphones meant to survive sweat and rain, but to see just how waterproof it really is, I took it for a head-first dive down a natural stone waterfall slide in South Carolina.

If you're that type, you might want to check out a new set of "smart combat gloves" known as iPunch, that takes the principle of the strongman carnival game and applies it to boxing, The gloves, which are currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, have sensors in them that track how hard you punch and then deliver that information to an app on your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth, According to Wired.com, the gloves have two types of sensors: an impact sensor and a three-axis motion sensor that m lock iphone case work in concert to analyze the type of punches you throw, and their overall impact force..

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