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Another thought is that the "i" series was almost tending toward cartoon-like cliche. Here is Apple entering the fashion world, where humor consists almost entirely of jokes about losing weight. Perhaps Apple is attempting to present itself in a slightly more serious manner for those who take themselves seriously by wearing a different shade of black every day. This might well be the case. Some, though, will speculate that the naming is just one more example of CEO Tim Cook wanting Apple to now be his Apple.

The "i" series might, in his eyes, symbolize the past, After all, the company's new mobile-payment system is (Apple logo) Pay, not the perhaps more fluid iPay, Perhaps the next phone will be become the (Apple logo) Phone, If that's true, Cook is struggling with it himself, In speaking with ABC News Tuesday, Apple's CEO was extolling the virtues of his company and its products, He talked about how developers were writing applications for "iPhone and iPad m performance iphone case and the Mac and now, of course, as of today, the iWatch."Branding, It's a slippery little thing, It takes time..

When Google Voice users open up Hangouts, they'll find that their voicemail transcripts and text messages will be included next to messages they might have received in Hangouts, the search company announced Wednesday. Users will also be able to reply to text messages sent to a Google Voice account from within Hangouts. The feature is being rolled out to Android and the Web this week. iOS support is coming soon. Google+ Hangouts is the search giant's answer to communication services like Microsoft-owned Skype. The offering allows users to engage in group conversations via text, video, or now, phone. Hangouts is available on iOS, Android and on the Web.

That Google Voice phone dialing has been added to Hangouts seems like a natural extension of the service, Thanks to Google Voice, Hangouts users can start placing calls via the Web or their Android or iOS apps for free to any number in the US and Canada, International calls can also be placed, though rates will apply, Though some m performance iphone case Google Voice features are being integrated into Hangouts, for now it appears Google Voice will remain a standalone app, However, the end is near for Voice, and Hangouts will eventually swallow Google Voice whole..

Last year, Google+ product manager Nikhyl Singhal said in a post that Hangouts ultimately would be the future for all communication from Google. "Hangouts is designed to be the future of Google Voice, and making/receiving phone calls is just the beginning," Singhal wrote. "Future versions of Hangouts will integrate Google Voice more seamlessly."In an e-mailed statement to CNET on Wednesday, a Google spokesperson said the move to add Google Voice features to Hangouts "shouldn't come as a huge surprise.""We intend to integrate users' most loved features into Hangouts moving forward," the spokesperson told CNET.

(Via Android Police), Users will now be able to place free calls from within Hangouts and will also see voicemail transcripts and messages from Google Voice show up in their Hangout listing, Google Voice, the phone service that lets users place and receive calls to a dedicated number or group of existing numbers, is now playing nice with Google+ Hangouts, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage m performance iphone case you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

On Tuesday, Apple marched into the category, introducing the Apple Watch. The smartwatch will connect with Apple's popular iPhone to let wearers send messages, track their fitness levels and listen to music, among other things. Apple will sell three versions of the gadget, priced starting at $349, in early 2015. Apple isn't the first company to make devices and services for the wearables market, with its new product coming well after Google, Samsung, Motorola and Sony produced their own offerings. But Apple has made a name for itself redefining every new product category it enters, livening stagnant markets for digital music players, mobile phones and tablets after it released its iPod, iPhone and iPad.

The watch comes in two sizes with six interchangeable bands, from a waterproof sports band to a leather strap to a high-end stainless steel band, The Apple Watch also comes in three collections, with the most luxurious version dipped in 18-karat gold, The device will also work with a new mobile technology called Apple Pay that will allow you to buy things with a tap at the checkout, Whether the company has added enough m performance iphone case features to make the Apple Watch a hit with consumers is undetermined, But its very existence is already a good thing for the wearables market, according to Weston Henderek, director for connected devices at the NPD Group..

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