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The jostling has seen Apple going to great lengths to try to do away with its dependence on Google's services. In 2012, Apple banished Google's YouTube app from iOS home screens. Even more extreme, Apple set out to replace Google Maps on its devices with its own home-grown product, only to hear users howl when the app was released with major flaws. Monday's search announcements, though more subtle -- and focusing more on desktop than mobile -- follow the same line of thinking. "They [Apple] see Google as their biggest strategic competitor, and they are trying to extract them as much as possible," Dawson said.

Making it even more of a line in the sand, the Mac's Spotlight features integration with Microsoft's Bing search engine, which is already the Web crawler behind Apple's virtual assistant app, Siri, The software's expanded search capabilities come as several big tech companies -- including Google itself -- invest in methods of search that go beyond simply typing words into a Web browser, Google has Google Now, an artificial intelligence service that brings up information on a smartphone without a user even having to enter a query, The app considers contextual cues like physical location or the time of day to pull up relevant content number 1 iphone screen protector like maps or restaurant listings..

In January, Yahoo acquired Aviate, a service similar to Google Now that rearranges the content on an Android phone's home screen. Following suit, Twitter in April bought Cover, yet another similar app that does the same kind of thing to an Android phone's lock screen. Apple, of course, has Siri, and continues to bolster its search capabilities. On Monday, the company announced a handful of new features, including the ability to recognize songs playing in the area via integration with the music indexing company Shazam. Users also can activate the app by saying, "Hey Siri," similar to the "OK Glass" command that triggers the Google Glass augmented reality headset.

Those products are certainly more next-gen than Spotlight, but they all walk the line that search is more than something you can only do in a browser, "Apple is trying to get users while they may not even realize they are searching," Dawson said, Apple has been on a mission to make its number 1 iphone screen protector users less dependent on Google's services, New search features in OS X Yosemite are no exception, Apple's rift with Google grew a little larger Monday, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Apple improved cloud photo and video storage in iOS 8. Users previously were limited to storing 1,000 photos for up to 30 days. With the new iCloud Photo Library, photos are automatically stored in the cloud and can be accessed from all of your devices. Android users have Google+ photos, which will also automatically sync all of your photos in the cloud. Unlike Apple, which only offers 5GB for free, Google gives users unlimited storage for photos and videos. The other improvement Apple announced for iCloud was iCloud Drive, a Dropbox-like service for storing documents in the cloud. In addition to Dropbox, Android and Apple users already have Google Drive. Yet again, while iCloud is limited to 5GB of free storage, Google Drive offers 15GB for free, while Dropbox initially offers 2GB for free with the ability to earn up to 20GB for referring others.

iCloud Drive will be available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC, while Google Drive and number 1 iphone screen protector Dropbox also support Android, Apple made a big deal about its brand new QuickType keyboard, The keyboard features predictive typing and is able to learn based on your typing habits, In addition to QuickType, iOS 8 will also bring support for third-party keyboards, This all sounds fine and dandy, but Android users have had these features for years, Both the official Google Keyboard and SwiftKey, another popular third-party keyboard, among many others, have predictive features, gesture typing, and more..

Apple users will finally get access to basic widgets in iOS 8. Unlike on Android where you can place widgets on your home and lock screens, however, iOS 8 widgets will be limited to the iPhone and iPad's pull-down Notification Center. The iOS 8 update also brings improvements to Siri. Apple's voice assistant has added 22 new dictation languages and will now be capable of song recognition with Shazam, purchasing iTunes content, and streaming voice recognition. One of the biggest changes is the ability to launch Siri by speaking the phrase "Hey Siri" when the phone is plugged into a car.

Sound familiar? Android 4.4 owners are able to launch Google Now with the phrase "OK, Google" from the phone's home screen, while the Moto X can actually wake the number 1 iphone screen protector phone up with the same phrase, iPhone and iPad users will have the ability to respond to a notification without launching an app with Interactive Notifications, Simply swipe down and quickly reply to a text message or even like a Facebook post, This feature is also built into Android, For example, a Gmail notification can be quickly archived in the notification menu, although the Gmail app will be opened when you attempt to respond to the message, CyanogenMod, a popular third-party Android interface, adds the ability to quickly call or respond to a text message notification..

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