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schoolboy q iphone case, need some protection for your new iphone Here are bunch of top cases to check out.

Fortunately we won't have to wait long to find out what HTC has in store for the One Vogue Edition. Rumors indicate the handset maker will announce the smartphone on June 3. Images and specifications for a polycarbonate HTC smartphone have surfaced in the days before its rumored launch. HTC may soon deploy a polycarbonate version of its all-metal flagship One M8 smartphone , or so say the Android gossip hounds. Details of a so-called "Vogue Edition" have surfaced over the last few days suggesting HTC is set to debut the device as early as June.

What's your schoolboy q iphone case most commonly used app? Kindle? Calendar? Camera? Sure, you can put its icon on your home screen, but you still have to swipe through the lock screen, navigate to the home screen, and tap the icon, Whew! Exhausting, Wouldn't it be great if you could just push a physical button to immediately launch a favorite app or function? That's the idea behind the Cliq, a smartphone case with three built-in shortcut buttons, Those buttons rely on Near Field Communication (NFC), meaning they operate wirelessly and without any kind of special power source, Rather, they draw the juice they need from your smartphone's NFC radio, And you program their functions via a simple app..

Sound familiar? This concept has already surfaced in the form of the Dimple, an NFC-button sticker that provides more or less the same functionality. Is the Cliq a better option? That depends. Because it's a case, it offers protection. But it's available for only a select few phones, at least initially: the LG G2, Google Nexus 5, Motorola Moto X, and Samsung Note 3, S4, and S5. The Dimple won't protect your phone, but it should work with any non-metal case you're already using. As for the buttons, the Cliq gives you three of them, all lined up near the left edge of the case ( if you're holding your phone screen-front). With the Dimple, you get to position the buttons wherever you like, at least in theory -- in my experience with a prototype, they didn't work everywhere.

Cliq's app promises just about any customization you could want, from launching an app to enabling a flashlight to sending a prefab text message, The developers are also promising compatibility with automation apps like AutomateIt and Tasker, meaning you could potentially trigger even more complex actions, schoolboy q iphone case The Kickstarter campaign is looking to raise $40,000, with nearly $17,000 already funded and about three weeks to go, The $20 and $25 early-backer options are sold out, but you can still preorder a Cliq (in your choice of colors) for $30, Given that a four-button Dimple will run you $27, that's not a bad cost of entry..

In his first public interview since taking over as CEO from Steve Ballmer in February, Nadella also said that while having founder Bill Gates on hand to offer advice has been "helpful," there's no confusion about who's in charge at the world's largest software maker. "I'm the CEO," Nadella said Tuesday in the opening keynote at the Code Conference here Tuesday night. "I run the place."Nadella stepped into the top job after Microsoft was criticized for failing to keep pace with competitors such as Apple and Google in key markets, including smartphones, tablets and search. In the past three months, he's been touting Microsoft's efforts to embrace " the mobile first, cloud world," and to offer its software and services on platforms beyond its Windows operating system. The decision to release a version of Microsoft's best-selling Office business apps for Apple's iPad tablet in April was about winning "usage," he told the audience of technology CEOs, insiders and influencers.

"The intent here is to make sure our services are available on all devices," Nadella said, "There are going to be Windows devices and there are going to be other devices, and we have to make sure our services run on all of them."Among those new services will be a near real-time language translation technology designed to work with Microsoft's Skype video conferencing service, which boasts more than 300 million connected users, The Skype Translator will support multiple languages and be available as an app for Windows 8 users schoolboy q iphone case at first later this year before being released for other platforms..

Microsoft said it has been working on the speech recognition and translation technology behind the translator software for more than a decade. "It is early days for this technology, but the Star Trek vision for a Universal Translator isn't a galaxy away," Gurdeep Pall, vice president of Skype, wrote in a blog post after giving a demonstration showing how English-German translations to conference attendees. Nadella, a 22-year Microsoft veteran, was also pressed to talk about the company's missteps during his tenure. "It's an interesting question. Should I bother about it or should I be more concerned about what we're doing now?"New efforts include the Surface Pro 3 , which was unveiled this month and billed as a new category of tablets with its larger screen. It represents, Nadella said, a "journey of improvement" at Microsoft, which lags in the tablet market behind Apple's iPad and devices powered by Google's Android mobile operating system. He called the Surface "promising" and noted, to laughter, that "anything that is not a hit is promising. "As for the company's $7.2 billion acquisition of phone maker Nokia, which was completed last month, Nadella declined to say whether he initially supported or opposed the deal. What he did say was that Microsoft recognizes the value of having a "complete" system of hardware, software and services and that it can't leave it up to the company's partners, or OEMs, to take on all the risk of developing hardware for its software and services.

When asked about whether Microsoft was interested in making a big acquisition, Nadella schoolboy q iphone case said, "we have to build something big."That something big could include a new platform, Noting that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently ponied up $2 billion to acquire the Oculus virtual reality headset, Nadella said, "All of us are on the hunt for the next big device platform." But he said, "There are a lot cheaper ways for me to get there without spending $2 billion."In his first public interview since becoming CEO in February, Satya Nadella said he's not interested in dwelling on Microsoft's mistakes with smartphones and tablets..

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