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In addition to potentially attracting younger customers and selfie fans, the Desire Eye and its two 13-megapixel cameras help address the criticism that HTC's smartphones have had weaker cameras. In 2013, HTC opted to get away from the megapixel race with the original One, dropping down to 4 megapixels but focusing on what it calls "Ultrapixels," or its technology for what it argued would result in better quality photos -- especially in low-light situations. But by dropping down to 4 megapixels at a time when rivals were going to 8 or 16, HTC failed to fully explain why its camera technology was better. It didn't help that it was hampered early on by a purple tint that affected some photos shot with the original HTC One. While camera aficionados know that megapixels aren't everything when it comes to a great photo, average consumers see the lower number and automatically assume the camera is inferior. The successor HTC One M8 kept the same 4 megapixel Ultrapixel camera but added a second lens for 3D effects.

HTC said it intends to continue on with its Ultrapixel technology, which is more expensive to produce and is reserved for the One family of smartphones, But many of the software tricks loaded onto the Desire Eye, under the umbrella of the Eye experience, will be available to existing and future HTC smartphones, By opting for two more-traditional high megapixel cameras, the Desire Eye will be an easier sell, AT&T is expected to back the smartphone with a strong retail presence in its stores, But the carrier's track record of t sport iphone case failed exclusive smartphones -- Amazon's Fire Phone and HTC's own First (a.k.a., the Facebook phone) -- means this phone is by no means a guaranteed hit..

"It's a good idea, and I'd like to see them expand the product globally and to other carriers," Greengart said. "Its market impact is somewhat limited."The Desire family is critical to HTC even in developed markets such as the US, where the decoupling of service plans and device costs have revealed how much smartphones actually cost. A base model iPhone 6, for instance, costs $199 if you commit to two years of wireless service, but $650 without a contract. It's that growing realization that HTC is banking on. Aside from the Eye, HTC had broken up the Desire line with a numerical series of smartphones. The Desire 8 line would represent the top mass-market phone, then the 6, 5, 3, and finally the low-end 2. In the US, Virgin Mobile sells the HTC Desire 816 for $300, AT&T sells the Desire 610 for $200, and Boost Mobile sells the Desire 510 for $100 -- all without any contracts.

While HTC has shown a willingness to go lower on pricing, the company wants to stay in that middle ground between the premium smartphone category and the ultracheap tier, where players such as Motorola and its $180 Moto G successfully compete, There are a slew of players with smartphones priced t sport iphone case at $500 and above or $200 and below, but nothing in between, "We see that middle ground growing," said Darren Sng, head of global product marketing for HTC, HTC's lower series smartphones are reserved for emerging markets such as India or Russia, where LTE isn't prevalent, and price sensitivity is even more of an issue, But Sng said the company intends to stay ahead of the competition and above the ultracheap fray by bringing out smartphones with better specifications and features at a faster pace..

"What HTC brings to the table is an offering in the affordable midrange and entry-level phones that don't look or feel cheap," Llamas said. The Desire Eye, which sits atop the Desire family on its own, is an example of a smartphone that doesn't quite hit that premium range in price, which HTC believes provides more bang for the buck. Now all HTC needs is for selfie addicts to stop looking at themselves and start looking at the Desire Eye. HTC's flagship One M8 may be a critical hit, but it remains a niche product for savvy tech enthusiasts. The company is making a more mainstream push.

The company on Wednesday officially launched the Zoe video-editing app on Android and said it would come to Apple's iOS devices later this year, Zoe, which automatically stitches together photos and videos and adds music for a highlight reel, represents the first app to come out of HTC's newly formed Creative Labs division and marks a departure for a company that has traditionally built mobile devices, HTC refers to this as the "third act" for the t sport iphone case company, which got its start building mobile devices for bigger brands before eventually establishing the HTC name as a credible consumer brand in its own right, For the third act, the company is working on software such as the Zoe app and on devices beyond smartphones, The Creative Labs division acts as an incubator within HTC, developing ideas and areas that could become new business avenues for the company..

A distinct feature of both Zoe and the newly unveiled Re camera is the subtle link back to HTC. The company is pushing the service and device to the forefront, preferring to leave behind HTC's reputation in smartphones. "Zoe is a standalone experience and a standalone business," said Drew Bamford, head of Creative Labs for HTC. He made it clear that Zoe was not designed to sell smartphones. Zoe was a popular feature found on the original HTC One, and again on the HTC One M8. Earlier this year, HTC said it would open Zoe up to other devices, and for the last few months it's held a beta to test out Zoe as a standalone app.

The app will take anywhere between 1 and 16 pieces of content -- photos or videos -- give you the option of background music and accompanying filters and texts, and put them together into video, HTC wants people to share the Zoe videos, creating an Instagram-like social network, People are able to share the videos on Facebook and Twitter as well, There are a number of startups attempting to build their own social networks, and Zoe is just one t sport iphone case of many hoping to create viral interest, It does have the advantage of having an active base among HTC smartphone users..

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