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Apple has consistently declined to comment on the lawsuit related to the iMessage bug, and, given its statement to Recode, is reticent to divulge the inner-workings of its iMessage routing. The only known, full solution to the issue appears to be turning iMessage off and not allowing any text messages to be routed through Apple's servers. CNET has contacted Apple for addition comment on the bug and clarification on what the recent fix addressed. We will update this story when we have more information.

As flexible displays become more popular, companies are discovering an issue: the metal behind the displays used as conductive material can easily break, Some companies have tried to replace the metal with organic material to sidestep that issue, but the conduction is not nearly as high compared to metal, Apple's patent application, published on Thursday and earlier reported on by Patently Apple, tries to solve that problem, The company has created a technique that would allow flexible displays to use metal as conductive material, but rather than craft the metal in u case iphone 7 straight lines, the "metal traces" are bent to enhance their strength..

According to Apple's patent, its technology employs "serpentine metal traces" that are capable of stretching -- not breaking -- whenever a flexible display is bent. Apple says that its technology works so well, displays can be entirely folded and the metal still would not break. Although the patent application describes ways in which Apple's technology could be employed in smartphone displays, it's not clear whether it will actually come to the iPhone. Apple files for patents all the time, and in many cases, those technologies never make their way to devices. Still, flexible displays are slowly inching their way to the market, and it shouldn't surprise anyone if Apple joins the fray.

CNET has contacted Apple for comment, We will update this story when we have more information, The feature u case iphone 7 could eventually find its way to future iPhones if Apple decides to bring bendable features to the devices, An Apple patent application, published today by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) describes a new method for using metal in flexible displays to maximize conductivity without breaking components, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

As I stood on a treadmill in his office with an EKG machine connected to my chest, Dr. Jon Zaroff said my heart rate was 146. But as I glanced down at my Basis Carbon Steel device, with my heart rate quickly dropping, it still said I was at 93. Even after repeat tests done in a doctor's office, the finding wasn't a fluke -- the band was way off. I put five leading smart devices with heart rate monitors to the test, measuring their accuracy with an EKG and the help of Dr. Zaroff, a cardiologist at Kaiser Permanente medical center in San Francisco. You can find my results below, but it seems the optical sensing technology used in many of today's new, wrist-based mobile heart rate monitors is sometimes inaccurate. That's in comparison to time-tested EKG machines (or the heart rate monitors that emulate them), which sense the electrical impulses that trigger your heartbeats.

For the casual user looking to get a resting heart rate, wrist-based devices are fine, No manufacturer claims that these bands work for extreme athletes, and most make it clear that this style of band is for casual use only -- never for medical use -- and that they work only when you're still, Usually, manufacturers package the heart-rate sensing technology with tried-and-true motion sensors that track steps and activity, too, But aside from gauging huffing and puffing, heart rate tracking during exercise is one of the best ways u case iphone 7 to evaluate overall fitness, If you're looking to hit a target heart rate while moving, you may be better off using a chest-strap device or even the ol' finger-to-the-wrist method..

Small, bracelet-sized trackers like the Basis Carbon Steel, the Samsung Gear Fit, and the Withings Pulse O2 tout the ability to improve the wearer's life through heart rate monitoring, and in some cases, empower them to share that data with a doctor. But as Dr. Zaroff explained, getting an accurate heart rate using wrist-based sensors is difficult. Biology makes optical sensing a complex and challenging task. Unlike chest strap heart rate monitors -- which closely emulate a real EKG machine by measuring electrical pulse -- these devices use light to track your blood. By illuminating your capillaries with an LED, a sensor adjacent to the light measures the frequency at which your blood pumps past (aka your heart rate). Moments later, you've got a BPM (beats per minute) reading.

To accomplish these readings, optical sensing requires you to hold absolutely still -- no talking, no u case iphone 7 moving, no muscle-tensing, no sweating, no smudging allowed, Thankfully, these devices will tell you when you're too active for them to work, (Three of the devices we tested flashed warnings to enforce peace and quiet during testing.), There's another complication, too, By the time blood reaches the capillaries in your wrist, it has already slowed down to a rate that doesn't necessarily reflect your true heart rate -- especially, as Dr, Zaroff explained, at BPMs above 100, (Interestingly, and as we found in our tests, the arterial vessels in our fingertips do accurately reflect our heart rate, even at very high BPMs.)..

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